12 medals for the swimming team in the Arab championship in Abu Dhabi

Sarah Okasha: I dream of representing the UAE in the 2024 Paris Olympics

Emirati swimmer Sarah Okasha.

From the source

The Emirati champion, Sarah Okasha, confirmed that she dreams of representing the UAE in the Paris 2024 Olympics, after shining in the Arab Swimming Championships, which concludes today in Abu Dhabi, after winning three gold, silver and bronze medals in the 16-18 year category, to grab the spotlight after the absence of swimming. The Emirati, Laila Al-Khatib, left the tournament because of her presence in Britain, and she was scheduled to participate in the tournament previously.

The Emirati swimmer, Sarah Okasha, 16, succeeded in winning three medals, the gold of the 200-meter freestyle despite her young age compared to the participants, the silver of 100 butterfly, in addition to the bronze of the 400-meter medley, which are three strong races, to increase the UAE's tally in the tournament by 12 medals. Until now.

Sarah Okasha told "Emirates Today": "I started swimming when I was 11 years old in one of the private academies in Abu Dhabi, and I train under the supervision of the Abu Dhabi Swimming Program with my private coach. My ambition is to be in the World Swimming Championships, next December, in addition to being in the Paris 2024 Olympics, I work on that in the special exercises and the daily training program.”

She added, "I train eight training units in six days a week, and this does not prevent me from studying and being regular in my training, and my ambition is to reach the farthest point in the swimming field. My family always encourages me to study, and to be regular in the daily exercises."

The UAE team succeeded in winning 12 colored medals, with the conclusion of the third day of the Arab Swimming Championship, with five golds, five silvers and two bronzes, waiting for the final harvest of the national team, which is looking forward to achieving a record number of medals.

from the tournament

■ The meeting of the General Assembly of the Arab Swimming Federation was held on the sidelines of the Arab Championship, and it did not take more than an hour.

■ Tunisia's Olympic swimmer Ahmed El Hefnaoui had no trouble winning the 1500m and 800m freestyle events, and on the final day he will run the 400m freestyle.

■ The swimmer of the national team, Omar Al Hammadi, is the only one in the public stage, and he succeeded in winning an Arab medal.

■ A media reporter who requested an interview with swimmer Ahmed El Hefnawy, after the end of the 1500m race in which he won gold, was surprised that El Hefnawy would train immediately after the 3,000m race.

■ Many delegates from the International Swimming Federation attended to inspect the sports center that will host the World Aquatics Championships next December, where the swimming pool will be the reception site for delegations to set up training camps.

■ The audience and followers were surprised by the lack of transfer of the tournament or the presence of a broadcast link for the competitions throughout the days of the competition, which made the Swimming Federation transfer the tournament directly from its official “Instagram” account.

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