Brynäs player Josefin Bouveng is one of the country's great talents.

When national team captain Ulf Lundberg today took out Damkronorna's Olympic qualifying squad, Bouveng was present, despite the fact that she is injured.

But there are good hopes that she will be ready when the qualifiers begin on November 11.

- I do not worry so much and not for Josefin Bouveng's sake either.

The steps are going in the right direction in her rehabilitation and there is much to suggest that it will go really well, Lundberg says to SVT Sport.

According to the league captain, the injuries are not the most important thing, but it is important to handle them correctly.

- This is the case with elite sports, there are injuries, defects and diseases, he says and continues:

- I have good hope that she will be fully involved, Lundberg continues.

SVT broadcasts the Olympic qualifier, which begins on November 11 with a match against Slovakia.

CLIP: The 20-year-old is referred to as "the future of Swedish hockey" (September 9)

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The 20-year-old is referred to as "the future of Swedish hockey".

Photo: SVT