Blackstenius and Musovic are not included in Monday's training at St Mirren Park, the day before Sweden's away match against Scotland.

Both have milder symptoms of a cold, and have therefore stayed at the player hotel.

The duo does not appear to have been infected by covid-19.

"Both players have been tested negative for covid-19 during the day", writes the national team's press manager Fredrik Madestam in a written statement to TT.

Sweden meets Scotland in a training international match in Paisley outside Glasgow on Tuesday night.

In Thursday's 1-0 victory in the World Cup qualifier away against Ireland, Stina Blackstenius played from the start, and was behind the winning goal.

Zecira Musovic sat on the bench throughout the match.

SVT broadcasts the away match against Scotland with kick-off 20.05.

CLIP: Sweden defeated Ireland 1-0 (October 21)

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Sweden defeated Ireland 1-0.

Photo: Bildbyrån