Jun Mizutani, who won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics table tennis, participated in the final game of active duty and ended his competitive life with a straight win, such as deciding a strong forehand.

Mizutani won the first gold medal in Japanese table tennis in a pair with Mima Ito in the mixed doubles of the Tokyo Olympics, and also won the bronze medal in the men's team.

After the Olympic games, he announced his intention to retire from active duty due to poor eyesight, and said that the match on the 24th of the domestic league, T League, which was held in his hometown of Shizuoka Prefecture, will be the last match to be played as an active player. I was revealing.

Mizutani played in the doubles of the first game in a pair with Tomokazu Harimoto, who fought with Tomokazu Harimoto as a member of Kinoshita Meister Tokyo, and decided a strong forehand in the first game. Was taken 11 to 8.

In the second game, he scored points with his favorite serve, and in the 10 to 10 match point scene where there was no deuce according to the T-League's own rules, he decided the match himself with a skillful shot that the opponent could not read the course.

Mizutani, paired with Harimoto, won a straight with a game count of 2-0, ending his 27-year competitive life.

The team also won TT Saitama 3 to 1 once in a while.

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