Mai Murakami won the gold medal at the World Gymnastics Championships held in Kitakyushu City.

Murakami is his second gold medal in this event, following the 2017 tournament.

This is the second medal following the bronze medal on the balance beam for each event.

Udon Hayuka bronze medal

Gymnastics Mai Murakami is 25 years old from Kanagawa prefecture.

It has a dynamic performance that makes use of the spring from the powerful legs.

He is good at vaulting and vaulting, and in Yuka, he performs the big skill "Silivas" with H difficulty of two somersaults and two twists.

At the 2013 World Championship, where he participated at the age of 17, he finished 4th in Yuka.

At the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, he contributed to the 4th place in the Japanese women's group, and at the World Championship the following year, he won the gold medal for the first time in 63 years as a Japanese women's player in each event.

In addition, at the 2018 World Championships, he was the first Japanese female player to win a silver medal in an all-around.

In April, he won the All Japan Championship for the fifth time in a row, and in May, he won the NHK Cup for the third time, deciding the second Olympic representative.

At the Tokyo Olympics, he contributed to the 5th place in the group and also ranked 5th in the individual overall.

Furthermore, in the final of Yuka by event, in addition to deciding the big skill "Silivas", he won the bronze medal for the first time in an individual event of the Olympic Games as a Japanese female athlete for his expressive performance.

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