At the gymnastics world championship held in Kitakyushu, Kohei Uchimura did not win a medal, but he felt fulfilled in the performance of the horizontal bar after overcoming the qualifying defeat of the Tokyo Olympics. ..

After losing in the qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, Uchimura continued to be unable to practice, saying, "I'm not motivated."

After finishing the Tokyo Olympics, which was positioned as "the biggest goal of my life," I couldn't set my next goal.

With an overwhelming amount of practice, Uchimura, who said, "I like the time I spend practicing gymnastics more than what I do," said that he sometimes stopped practicing in about 10 minutes.

The All Japan Senior Championship in September, which was the first actual battle after the Olympics.

I didn't make the adjustments in time, but I entered the tournament to change something.

The result is 7th.

At the last landing, I staggered back.

Even so, this mistake ignited my heart again, saying that it was "switched on."

I had less than a month left before the world championships, but I worked hard to practice.

The final of the world championship.

"Bret Schneider", a big skill of H difficulty, did not reach the perfection of the skill such as the elbow slightly bending when catching the bar, but the landing that was not decided at the September tournament I decided exactly.

I received a big applause from the audience when I landed that it was a "blow of conscience".

The ranking was 6th, but the cheers and applause from the spectators gave a sense of fulfillment, saying, "Sports are all about results, but not today."

Feeling a new side of sports, Uchimura said, "I was able to know that sports are not all about results at this tournament. I want to pursue that."

The 32-year-old, who survived the Olympic qualifying defeat, was looking ahead again.