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  • LIVE: 

  • Cambuur-Feyenoord 


  • Vitesse-Go Ahead 


  • 4.45 pm:

  • Ajax-PSV 

  • 8 pm:

  • FC Groningen-AZ

  • Result:

  • FC Twente-NEC 1-2

a few seconds ago

75 'Another fifteen minutes on the clock at Cambuur-Feyenoord.

The home team does try to increase the pressure, but the team from Rotterdam is not giving much away for the time being.

a few seconds ago

69 'Feyenoord gets a nice chance at the 2-4 via Orkun Kökcü, but the hard effort of the midfielder goes straight for Stevens.

a few seconds ago

65 'Vitesse also has to sit on the bench, because Go Ahead has come to 1-1 in Arnhem.

The visitors already had the necessary chances for a goal this game and via Córdoba it was also hit in minute 53.

Vitesse has not shown much after the break.

a few seconds ago

We played for over an hour in Leeuwarden.

Feyenoord is again leading (2-3) and has the game under control now.

Can Cambuur get up again or will the Rotterdam team decide this game later?

a few seconds ago

58' GOAL Feyenoord! 


Out of nowhere Feyenoord takes the lead again in Leeuwarden!

Tyrell Malacia gets plenty of time to steam up and then shoots the ball hard into the far top corner.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

57 'Cambuur is disappointed, because Boere misses a nice chance to make it 3-2 by sliding the ball wide in a very promising position.

a few seconds ago

53' GOAL Go Ahead Eagles! 


There is the equalizer of Go Ahead in Arnhem!

Córdoba, who missed a big chance before halftime, is now accurate after a huge mistake in the build-up at Vitesse.

a few seconds ago

55 'Feyenoord has recovered from the big blow and is pushing again for a new lead, but SC Cambuur bites into the opponent from Rotterdam.

a few seconds ago

48' Pole!

Oussama Darfalou almost makes it 2-0 in Arnhem, but the attacker finds the outside of the far post with his left.

Go Ahead Eagles Escape...

one minute ago

50' GOAL SC Cambuur!


It is again equal in Leeuwarden and Cambuur strikes again in the switch.

Jacobs finds the completely free Sambissa and passes Bijlow for the second time this afternoon.

one minute ago

2 minutes ago

46 'We also started again in Arnhem! 

Vitesse defends a 1-0 lead over Go Ahead Eagles in the second half.

5 minutes ago

46 'The ball is rolling again in Leeuwarden! 

SC Cambuur and Feyenoord start the second half.

7 minutes ago


 The 22 names for the topper in Amsterdam are known.

Ajax starts with the same eleven as against Borussia Dortmund.

At PSV, Bruma and Carlos Vinícius get a base place.

They replace Noni Madueke and Cody Gakpo.

Ajax setup

: Pasveer;

Mazraoui, Timber, Martinez, Blind;

Álvarez, Gravenberch, Berghuis;

Anthony, Haller and Tadic.

PSV line-up: 


Mwene, Ramalho, Boscagli, Max;

Sangare, Van Ginkel, Gotze, Bruma;

Zahavi and Vinicius.

9 minutes ago

In the meantime, we have to wait for the line-ups of Ajax and PSV.

The kick-off is Amsterdam in five quarters of an hour!

Waiting for what's to come.

🌪 #japsv


AuthorJohan Cruijff ArenAMoment of places13: 25 - 24 October 2021

18 minutes ago


 It is also time for a break in Arnhem.

Vitesse leads 1-0 against Go Ahead Eagles thanks to Openda.

18 minutes ago

20 minutes ago

It is also immediately calm! 

Feyenoord has a cup of tea with a 1-2 lead.

Work to be done for SC Cambuur...

22 minutes ago

45' GOAL Feyenoord! 


There is the lead for Feyenoord!

Aursnes appears in the penalty area and hits the post after good work by Guus Til.

The Rotterdammers still lead in the first company.

22 minutes ago

44 'Toornstra can lash out after a fine attack by Feyenoord, but the captain of the Rotterdam team shoots high after clearing Sinisterra.

25 minutes ago

We are approaching peace in Leeuwarden and Arnhem.

Cambuur-Feyenoord is still 1-1, although the visitors are chasing more.

Vitesse leads 1-0 through Openda's used penalty.

Go Ahead was already close to the equalizer a few times.

29 minutes ago

38 'Feyenoord wants to push through and also puts more effort into the hunt for the 1-2.

Cambuur has to back up, but otherwise does not really give away huge opportunities to the visitors.

29 minutes ago

32 minutes ago

A nice statistic for Linssen, who is only 1.70 meters long:

15 - Bryan Linssen scored 15 headed goals in the Eredivisie since 2018-19, at least two more than any other player.



AuthorOptaJohanMoment of places13: 05 - October 24, 2021

36 minutes ago

We played for half an hour in Leeuwarden.

The home team surprisingly took the lead, but Linssen quickly recovered it for Feyenoord.

The Rotterdammers are having a hard time with Cambuur.

39 minutes ago

27 'Great chance for Go Ahead to equalize against Vitesse.

Marc Cardona only misses for goalkeeper Markus Schubert and the rebound from Iñigo Córdoba ends up in the side net.

42 minutes ago

25' GOAL Feyenoord! 


It is already equal in Leeuwarden!

Bryan Linssen comes in excellent for his man and nicely heads in the 1-1 after a pass from Marcus Pedersen.

44 minutes ago

23' GOAL SC Cambuur! 


Feyenoord has to work, because SC Cambuur surprisingly takes a 1-0 lead.

The home team counters excellently and David Sambissa pokes the ball with his left leg in the far corner.

44 minutes ago

an hour ago

20 'Feyenoord becomes dangerous via Jens Toornstra.

Today's right winger tries in the short corner and almost surprises Sonny Stevens, but the Cambuur goalkeeper turns the ball from Toornstra.

an hour ago

We also played fifteen minutes in Leeuwarden.

Feyenoord has more ball possession and is also more threatening, but did not show much after Aursnes' chance.

Cambuur is currently doing well.

an hour ago

The most important moment of the first fifteen minutes in Arnhem: Vitesse came 1-0 after three minutes thanks to a used penalty from Openda.

The home team also has more of the ball, but does not do much with it yet.

an hour ago

In the meantime, we are also slowly preparing for Ajax-PSV!

The topper starts at 4.45 pm in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

The team from Amsterdam currently has one point more than the people from Eindhoven, who have to do without Noni Madueke and Cody Gakpo.

See you soon, fans 😍Share your 📸 #japsv


Author AFC AjaxMoment of places12: 39 - October 24, 2021

an hour ago

10 'A lively opening phase in Leeuwarden.

Both teams are looking for the attack in the hunt for the opening goal.

Feyenoord is not having an easy time with Cambuur, which has already taken many points at home this season.

an hour ago

4 'Justin Bijlow saves Feyenoord here!

Tom Boere can head after a corner, but finds the Feyenoord goalkeeper on his way.

Also in the rebound the ball does not go in.

On the other hand, Feyenoord also immediately becomes dangerous, but Fredrik Aursnes does not hit the ball well.

an hour ago

So we already had some fireworks in Arnhem.

At SC Cambuur-Feyenoord, not much has happened in the first minutes.

At least the sun is shining nicely.

🟡🔵 vs 🔴⚪️⚫️ #camfey


Author Feyenoord RotterdamMoment of places12: 31 - 24 October 2021

an hour ago

3' GOAL Vitesse! 


Openda does not fail from 11 meters and quickly puts Vitesse ahead in this game against Go Ahead Eagles.

an hour ago

3' Penalty Vitesse! 

The ball goes on the spot for Vitesse.

Higler also thinks Jay Idzes made hands and points to the penalty spot.

an hour ago

2 'At Vitesse-Go Ahead, arbitrator Dennis Higler is already called to the side.

The home team may receive a penalty after hands from Go Ahead...

an hour ago

1 'We started in Friesland and Gelderland! 

Feyenoord and Vitesse are the favorites for the three points, but will they also be there?

  • SC Cambuur-Feyenoord 0-0

  • Vitesse-Go Ahead Eagles 0-0

an hour ago

The players enter the field in Leeuwarden and Arnhem.

In a few minutes we will start at Cambuur-Feyenoord and Vitesse-Go Ahead.

an hour ago

We continue like this with the two Eredivisie matches from 2.30 pm:

  • SC Cambuur-Feyenoord

  • Vitesse-Go Ahead Eagles

an hour ago


NEC closes a special week with a nice 1-2 victory over FC Twente.

Javier Vet is the power winner with a hit in the 76th minute.

NEC rises to eighth place due to the victory, still a place below Twente.

FC Twente-NEC 1-2

0-1 Tavsan (50')

1-1 Misidjan (58')

1-2 Vet (76')

2 hours ago

90+3 'NEC seems to be taking the three points with them, because the Nijmegen team is keeping Twente away from its own goal and has not been giving anything away for a while.

2 hours ago

90 ' 

There are four more minutes in De Grolsch Veste.

NEC still leads 1-2.

2 hours ago

87 'The Twente public is once again going to support it.

The home team only has a few minutes left to get the equalizer on the board.

For now, NEC is holding out.

2 hours ago

82 'Twente comes out dangerous and Denilho Cleonise almost makes it 2-2.

Almost, because his bet goes just wide of the NEC target.

2 hours ago

And so it is once again a party with the visitors.

NEC leads with 1-2 at FC Twente and has to hold on for a good ten minutes for a nice win.

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