Masahiko Harada, general manager of the Japanese team of the Beijing Olympics, which will start in February next year, said in an interview that he would like to encourage the athletes.

General Manager Harada of the Japanese team has participated in the Olympic Games for five consecutive games since the 1992 Albert Hill Games, and of these, he won the gold medal in the group at the 1998 Nagano Games.

After retiring from active duty, he has been a director of the ski club to which he belonged, and in June he was appointed to the board of directors of the JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee.

On the 24th, General Manager Harada responded to an interview in Sapporo, where the all-Japan ski jumping championship was held. "The Tokyo Olympics were held, and I think we were impressed and were able to hold it thanks to the cooperation of many people. I'm not following that, but I want everyone to play seriously at the Beijing Games, "he said." I think the players are the most worried because there isn't much information on this tournament. I want to be able to give it up. I am involved in ski jumping, but I think it is a competition where I can expect medals, so I want you to play an active part. "

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