Miho Takagi won the women's 1000 meters of the All Japan Distance Championship, which will be the opening round of speed skating in Japan this season, for the fifth consecutive time.

Takagi has achieved two crowns, including the women's 3000 meters on the 22nd.

The All Japan Distance Championship for speed skating held at M-Wave in Nagano City will be held on the second day of the tournament on the 23rd. Takagi, who won the bronze medal at the Olympics, and Nao Kodaira, who won the silver medal, participated.

Takagi made a mistake in the start, and although 600 meters in the first half was the third fastest time overall, he picked up in the second half due to his tenacity and marked 1 minute 14 seconds 60 seconds.

Kodaira, who skated in the group after this, took the first half speed and passed 600 meters at the top of the whole, but lacked the growth in the second half and finished in 1 minute 15 seconds 65 and finished second.

Takagi, who won the championship, won the tournament for the fifth consecutive time in this event, and achieved two crowns in the domestic opening race of this season, including the women's 3000 meters on the 22nd.

Takagi "Time and slip are totally incomplete"

Miho Takagi, who won the women's 1000 meters and achieved two crowns, said, "I didn't make good progress a few steps from the start. Given the power I can put out now, I couldn't show my time and slip. There is a reflection that it was incomplete overall. "

Kodaira "I can't fight the world in the current situation"

Nao Kodaira, who was second in the women's 1000 meters, said, "I felt hectic in terms of race development, but I think I was able to put what I could express on the ice. In terms of time, in the current situation. I can't fight the world, so I want to take steps to improve my ability. "

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