The Snowboard World Cup kicked off in Switzerland on the 23rd, with 16-year-old Kokomo Murase winning her first victory at the Women's Big Air.

The Olympic season's Snowboard World Cup kicked off on the 23rd in the Swiss Cool, with the first round of the season for Big Air.

Big air slides down a steep slope and jumps out into the air, scoring the difficulty and perfection of the technique with a maximum of 100 points, and the final will compete with the total score of the two highest scores out of the three runs.

In the women's Japanese team, 19-year-old Reira Iwabuchi marked the top 92.00 and Murase 2nd place 90.25 to advance to the finals.

In the final, Murase won the World Cup for the first time with a total of 173.75, marking 87.75 for the first time and 86.00 for the second time with a tall jump.

Iwabuchi, the top qualifying player, finished in 7th place due to a big disturbance in the landing in the final.

On the other hand, 23-year-old Miyabi Onitsuka, who won the bronze medal at the world championship last season, did not advance to the final by the top eight in 10th place in the qualifying.

As for the boys, 19-year-old Hiroaki Kunitake scored only 90 points in the qualifying and advanced to the final in 1st place.

In the final where 10 people competed, he failed to land in the first time, but in the second time he decided to make a sharp turn from a high jump and marked 76.00.

However, he failed to land again in the final third time and finished 7th with a total of 92.50.

Murase "Gold medal at the Olympics"

16-year-old Kokomo Murase said, "I'm very happy. I wasn't feeling very well in practice, but I was able to make a solid decision in the final. I'm very happy because it's my first time to win the World Cup." After talking, he said, "I want to continue to win the World Cup. However, since the actual performance is the Olympics, I want to practice more so that I can win the gold medal there," he said, looking ahead to the Beijing tournament in February next year.

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