At the moment, joggers on the banks of the Frankfurt Main have to be particularly careful to keep their eyes straight instead of looking at the impressive Frankfurt skyline.

Otherwise, you could quickly collide with other athletes who are currently trying a “reverse lung” or a “lizard twist”.

If you don't know what to do with these terms, rest assured, because the exercises that were designed for the ten curated work-out stations along the Main are digitally accessible and comprehensible at any time.

The Frankfurt Economic Department launched the project under the name “Frankfurter Runde” in the spring. The popular running route along the banks of the Main between Main-Neckar- and Osthafenbrücke, past the European Central Bank and the Hafenpark, should be promoted more strongly and offer wider opportunities for sporting activities. The ten kilometer long “Frankfurter Runde” will become the “Frankfurter Runde” for the first time this Sunday, a running event in which participants can cover a distance of up to 50 kilometers, i.e. five laps, in competition.

After the corona pandemic again forced the organizers of the major German running events to cancel, a group of running enthusiasts came together in Frankfurt and developed the concept. At its head is Björn Steinmetz, a well-known face from the German running scene. The long-time managing director of Ironman Germany GmbH is the official organizer of the event, which is explicitly aimed at amateur athletes: "Our goal is primarily to promote popular sport," says Steinmetz, who therefore does not see the run as a competition to the Frankfurt Marathon. which does not take place this year. The time during the pandemic led to a rethinking: “We noticed that we need other formats. We want to show that endurance sport deserves a stage. "

"There are still places left"

The area around the Main is not only suitable for this because of the beautiful scenery, but also because there is hardly any traffic impairment and residents are annoyed.

Nevertheless, the negotiations with the responsible authorities at the city would have cost time: “That is normal, there are many people involved.

The course has to be set in advance, ”says Steinmetz.

When the time came, the organizers had little time.

They were only able to advertise the event for three weeks, but around 500 runners have registered.

You can expect professional conditions, refreshment stations and timekeeping included.

Start and finish is the Weseler shipyard.

The "Frankfurter Lunden" is the first and probably also the last major running event of this year on the Main.

However, Steinmetz does not want the project to be understood as a substitute event: “This is a long-term idea.

There should be a follow-up event in May or June 2022. "Then there should be significantly more participants.

Spontaneous participants don't have to wait until spring, late registrations are still possible until Sunday morning.

"There are still places left.

The more people register, the better the message is for popular sport, ”says Steinmetz.

To register, click here.

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