Mohamed Salah flirts with Cristiano Ronaldo .. and "The Don" ignores the Egyptian pharaoh

Hours before facing Manchester United and Liverpool, scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, in the ninth round of the English Premier League, the international media focused on the two stars, Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo, especially that tomorrow’s meeting is their first face-to-face in the English Premier League.

Mohamed Salah talked about the match, and said that facing Manchester United will be very difficult, and that the confrontation should not be limited to an individual meeting between him and Ronaldo.

He added in media statements: "The match will be difficult. Manchester United is a good team with strong players and a great coach. They will try as much as possible to win the match, and the same is the case for us, we want to win."

And he talked about Cristiano Ronaldo, saying: "Ronaldo's return to the Premier League is wonderful, he has achieved a lot of success outside the English Premier League, and certainly Manchester United signed him in order to win championships."

He explained: “I see the match from the point of view that the victory should be achieved for the three points for both teams. I do not want to determine the same match against one or two players.”

He concluded: "I always look for the win, and I hope to achieve it against Manchester United."

For his part, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about facing Liverpool, without talking personally about Mohamed Salah.

Ronaldo said, "I know when the team needs to help me defensively. But my role at the club is to win and help the team win and score goals, and the defensive role is part of my job."

He added: "People who don't want to see what I'm doing? They don't like me, but to be honest I'm 36 and I'm winning everything, so am I going to worry about people saying bad things about me?"

Ronaldo continued: "I sleep well at night. I go to my bed and my conscience is in very good shape, and I keep doing it because I still keep my mouths shut and win trophies."

Cristiano continued: "Criticism is always part of the job. I'm not worried about that. And I think it's good to be honest. If they are worried about me or talk about me, it is because they know that my potential and my value in football is still the same."

And he continued, "Okay. I'll give you an example: If you're in a school and you're the best student, when you go and ask the worst student if he likes his best mate. They'll say they don't like him."

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