After 15 minutes, Halmstad got through on the right and was very close to equalizing for the home side, but didn't get the shot away.

Marcus Antonsson took responsibility from eleven meters and scored 1-0.

But in just a few minutes, the away team would lose their lead.

First, Jasse Tuominen nodded in 1-1 and just before the half-time break, Leo Bengtsson shot in 2-1 at the first post, a goal that did not look completely unattainable for the Halmstad goalkeeper.

Bengtsson has now scored in three straight Allsvenskan matches.

- As in the form I am in, it is only to shoot when you get the ball in that position.

We grind them down and score two goals, says Leo Bengtsson to discovery + at half time.


The bottom team Halmstad is in great need of points and a quarter into second came the important equalizer.

A cross coming in on the right hand side left Sadat Karim alone in front of the goal after 80 minutes but his shot was woeful.

After the equalizer, the match stood and weighed.

Then Halmstad's Emil Tot Wikström struck with his first Allsvenskan goal.

3-2 to the away team who also managed to hold out until the final whistle.

Much thanks to goalkeeper Malkolm Nilsson Säfqvist, who made two crucial reflex saves in extra time.

- It was incredibly nice saves and three points that are ... it is indescribable, says goalkeeper Malkolm Nilsson Säfqvist to discovery +.

For Halmstad, the win means that they climb from qualifying place to twelfth place in a somewhat lame table.

It is also the team's first Allsvenskan victory since August 22.

CLIP: Here Banda strikes with dream goal (October 23)

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Emmanuel Banda struck with a dream goal against Kalmar.

Photo: TT / Bildbyrån

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