Shortly before Rico Verhoeven and Jamal Ben Saddik enter the ring on Saturday, the GelreDome gets to see one of GLORY's greatest up and coming talents.

The 25-year-old Amsterdammer Hamicha hopes to become world champion in the welterweight as soon as possible.

Last month Hamicha fought as support act for Badr Hari.

After 1.20 minute he was already done with the Turk Vedat Hoduk.

No coincidence, because of his last seven fights he won no less than five in the first round.

After his quick victory, Hamicha was welcomed in Ahoy by the many fans of Hari, who wanted to have their picture taken with him.

The talent feels that his star is rising fast.

"I have previously had many matches in Asia. But now that I often fight in the Netherlands at GLORY, I notice that my fan base is growing rapidly here."

He tells it calmly, without a trace of bluff or boasting.

An attitude that fits within the philosophy of SB Gym, the Utrecht gym of his trainer Said el Badaoui.

"Modesty is good for man," says El Badaoui.

"My fighters don't talk much, but show it in the ring. So is Hamicha. He doesn't shout about the rooftops, but just does his job well. That suits our gym best."

Hamicha with trainer Said el Badaoui.

Hamicha with trainer Said el Badaoui.

Photo: GLORY

Hamicha doesn't care about

trash talk

champion Doumbé

So no

trash talk

from Hamicha, whose official name is Mohamed Mezouari.

"But everyone calls me Hamicha, ever since I was born. It has no real meaning. In the Moroccan community you have thousands of Mohameds, but there is only one Hamicha."

However, that modest attitude should not be confused with a lack of ambition.

Hamicha wants the world welterweight title, and as soon as possible.

The championship belt has been in the possession of Frenchman Cédric Doumbé for more than two years.

After Hamicha's previous victory, Doumbé tried to ridicule him on Instagram.

"What did I think of that? Nothing at all", Hamicha responds calmly again.

"I didn't care about that."

Hamicha after training with UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov earlier this year.

Hamicha after training with UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov earlier this year.

Photo: Instagram/@hamicha_official

Khabib and Badr discipline Hamicha

He started kickboxing at the age of eight and that long experience has made him an all-round fighter.

That was also noticed by (former) UFC top players.

Six months ago, for example, he trained with UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov.

"The guys in the UFC are really disciplined. It's not that I wasn't, but they really live for the sport and are working on it 24 hours a day," said Hamicha.

"And they are strict with each other. If a fighter came late, the other guys wouldn't let him enter the training."

He also gets that mentality at SB Gym, where he often trains with Hari.

"I learn a lot from Badr, he has already experienced everything. He gives a lot of tips in the sporting field."

"But he also gives a lot of things outside the ring. How do you deal with the hours that you don't train? Badr says that I have to eat on time, sleep on time and live a structured life. You know that, of course. , but when such a greatness says it, it sinks in even better."

It should all contribute to the modest Amsterdammer becoming world champion as soon as possible.

On the way there, a fight with Frenchman Samuel Dbili awaits Saturday evening in GelreDome.

"I may look calm, but when the bell rings, you enter a certain trance. Then it is time to work."

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