Australia beat Brazil 3-1 in the international football match in Sydney, which was Australia's first match at home in 18 months.

The result also means that Tony Gustavsson won the league captaincy match against Pia Sundhage.

Clare Polkinghorne, everyday in the Swedish Swedish Vittsjö, gave "The Matildas" the lead in the first half.

Mary Fowler extended to 2-0 before Adriana Leal da Silva reduced for Brazil.

Emily van Egmond closed the match in the 80th minute with her 3-1 goal.

The Swedes led the USA together for a few years, with Sundhage as the national team captain and Gustavsson as assistant.

The Brazilian veteran Marta, who played for many years in Sweden, was replaced in the 71st minute.

Pia Sundhages Brazil has a chance for revenge when the teams meet again on Tuesday.

CLIP: Alex Morgan on the World Cup: "No easy decision" (October 20)

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Alex Morgan on the World Cup: "No easy decision"