Twenty bicycles belonging to the Italian track cyclists were stolen in the night from Friday to Saturday in Roubaix, where the World Championship track cycling is currently being held.

The team manager of the Italian delegation reports this to various Italian media, including

Sky Sport


The twenty bicycles were in two team buses that were parked at the hotel of the Italian team.

A third bus, which had no bicycles, was not damaged.

"It was the work of well-organized professionals," said team manager Roberto Amadio.

"We knew it was difficult to protect the bikes."

"We therefore chose to stay in a hotel with its own parking, which meant that we had to drive even longer. That was just not enough to prevent the theft."

The twenty bikes, including the gold ones of the pursuit team and those of world champion Filippo Ganna, are worth around 200,000 euros.

The Roubaix police are investigating the theft.

Italy was busy with a strong World Cup, which lasts until Sunday.

With Ganna in team, the Italians became world champions in the team pursuit last Thursday.

Italy already won the Olympic title in that part last summer in Tokyo.

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