In Germany, too little is said about Enes Kanter.

The Boston Celtics basketball player has just posted a video on his Twitter channel in which he calls Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China, a "brutal dictator" because of his Tibetan policies.

When Kanter still wore shoes labeled “Free Tibet” for the first season game of the Celtics in the NBA, the propaganda state reacted as it usually reacts: with repression.

The Chinese online platform Tencent immediately stopped broadcasting the game.

That shouldn't intimidate Kanter, who was born in Turkey.

Once, when he was running a basketball camp for children in Indonesia, a man knocked on his hotel room door one night and warned him about the police.

The allegedly sought him after the intervention of the Turkish government around President Erdoğan, whom Kanter had repeatedly criticized.

Kanter fled.

When he landed in Bucharest a few hours later, his passport was blocked.

By the way, he lost in the first game with the Celtics.

He didn't play a minute - and yet hit the point.

There is too much talk about José Mourinho in Germany.

The AS Roma soccer coach and his team have just lost 6-1 in the Europa Conference League against the Norwegian no-name FK Bodø / Glimt.

“That didn't happen in 1000 games!

Historical embarrassment for Mourinho, ”says a headline on

Perhaps a couple of “propaganda assistants” came up with this - at least that's how Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner described “almost all other” journalists in Germany in an SMS, except for the now former Bild editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt.

Regardless, this is about sport, not about the corona policy of the federal government - or as Döpfner says: the "new GDR authoritarian state".

So, mislead enough.

You can read above where such an authoritarian state really exists.

Back to Mourinho, the great Zampano, whom many, especially in this country, view critically.

He is easy to make fun of.

Nobody has to feel sorry for him.

But one thing shouldn't be forgotten: Like most of his class, the two-time Champions League winner Mourinho has not yet strayed into the good old Bundesliga.

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