However, Djurgården got a nightmare start to the match when Örebro's Robin Kovacs put 1-0 after just 42 seconds.

1-1 came just minutes later.

28-year-old Filiph Engsund equalized, played by Gragnani and Hedström.

The goal was Engsund's first for Djurgården.

But before the break, the home team's Jani Lajunen struck in powerplay and Örebro was in the lead again.

- I tried to go to the finish line immediately.

I took advantage of a return, such goals have to be made sometimes, says Kovacs to C More during the break.

New receipt

In period number two, Djurgården equalized again.

NHL-qualified Marcus Sörensen took advantage of a penalty when he put it 2-2 behind Jhonas Enroth in the Örebro goal.

The away team then struck with a real will goal.

In numerical superiority, there was a lot of traffic in front of goal when Djurgården pushed the puck into goal.

The judges chose to look at the case, which was eventually approved.

Filip Cederqvist was noted for it.

But the lead did not last long.

Just minutes later, Örebro answered.

Rodrigo Abols put the equalizer and equalizer again.

3-3 after full time meant that the match had to be decided after extra time.

There, 16-year-old Leo Carlsson stepped forward with his decisive 4-3 goal and Örebro scored the bonus point.

- That is sick.

I get a perfect pass and that is what decides, says the winning shooter to C More after the match.

For Djurgården, the negative trend continues.

- It was a good match, we fought to the end.

In an extension, anything can happen and we were unlucky with the goal that went in via a skate, says Djurgården's coach Barry Smith.

CLIP: Rögle decided in powerplay (October 23)

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McKiernan decided for Ängelholmslaget.

Photo: Bildbyrån

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