The goals were already dismantled in the soccer arena in Munich, and Joshua Kimmich was still standing in the interview zone on the sidelines.

The conversation with the rights holder Sky was not about the 4-0 Bundesliga victory of Kimmich and his FC Bayern against TSG Hoffenheim, but about vaccination.

Christopher Meltzer

Sports correspondent in Munich.

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On Saturday evening, the national player told Kimmich that he had not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19. "Yes, that's right," he said when asked about a report from the picture that had been distributed the evening before. "Because I personally have concerns about the lack of long-term studies."

It is not that he is “a corona denier or an opponent of vaccinations,” said Kimmich and then held a short monologue: “I always find that a bit of a shame when it comes to the debate.

There is only vaccinated and not vaccinated.

And not vaccinated often means that you are a corona denier or an opponent of vaccinations.

There are a few other people at home who have a few concerns as well.

One should respect that.

Especially as long as you stick to the measures. ”In his case, that means being tested regularly, tested every two to three days.

Bayern are currently paying for the tests.

If the club no longer wants to do this in the future, it will do so itself.

FC Bayern advises vaccination

In the interview, Kimmich, who founded the “We Kick Corona” donation initiative with Leon Goretzka during the pandemic, did not want to rule out the possibility that he would still be vaccinated.

That is "very possible".

Maybe even in the short term?

“That can also happen.” On the other hand, he pointed out “vaccination breakthroughs” in the conversation.

From the club's point of view, the decision of the leading player could have sporting consequences.

He is exposed to a higher risk of infection - and basically a higher risk of being absent.

Among other things, because the quarantine rules for unvaccinated people, for example in the event of contact, are much stricter than for vaccinated people.

FC Bayern therefore advises its players to get vaccinated.

"We advocate doing it," said coach Julian Nagelsmann, who tested positive for Covid-19 during the week despite being completely vaccinated.

The difference in the course of the disease between vaccinated and non-vaccinated people can be seen in the clinics.

"There is no compulsion, but a recommendation, and we make it."

His assistant and representative Dino Toppmöller made a similar statement on Saturday evening when he was approached about Kimmich's decision against vaccination.

"I respect that," he said.

All players would have had the opportunity to be “informed about everything” by the club's internist.

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