China News Service, Hangzhou, October 23 (Reporter Li Dian) The Tokyo Olympics, gymnastics, "Kangaroo shake"... As soon as these keywords appeared, what came to my mind was that the one who was shaking his hands at the Tokyo Olympics "Mengfan" "Guan Chenchen, the spectator and "post-00" gymnast who won the championship of women's gymnastics balance beam.

  When I first saw Guan Chenchen, wearing a "ball head" and a rose-red gym suit, she was undergoing physical recovery training at Zhejiang Sports Vocational and Technical College to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games next year.

Facing the "long gun dash" from dozens of media outlets, she was a little nervous at first, but when she opened her mouth, her calm conversation made many reporters praise the girl born in 2004.

Guan Chenchen is interviewed by Li Dian

  At the age of 6, Guan Chenchen had his first contact with gymnastics.

With talent, love and hard work, in 2012, she was only 8 years old and entered the Zhejiang gymnastics team.

Speaking of gymnastics, Guan Chenchen told reporters that when she was a child, she also felt distressed due to the exhaustion of training.

Whenever she felt that she couldn't stick to it, the coach who was also a teacher and a friend used to guide her over and over again, so that she finally chose to clenched her teeth and persisted.

  "It's not difficult to give up, but it must be cool to persist." In the women's gymnastics balance beam event of the Tokyo Olympics on August 3, Guan Chenchen successfully won a gold medal for the Chinese team with a good score of 14.633 points.

Guan Chenchen was surprised by the gold this time.

After seeing the score from the playing field, her first reaction was "Is this my score?"

  But soon, she calmed down.

The gymnasts perfectly presented each movement in front of the audience, and Guan Chenchen knew that this was not just his own contribution.

Coaches, psychological counselors, team doctors, and even teammates... Behind her there is a loving and powerful team, "We get along like friends, sometimes singing and dancing with everyone, many troubles disappear."

Guan Chenchen in training and photo by Li Dian

  After returning from the Tokyo Olympics, she experienced 21 days of isolation.

Guan Chenchen, who can only practice his physical stamina in the room, said frankly that he used this time to "fix himself".

After the West Security Games ended, she returned home and took a look at her alma mater. Everything she was familiar with made her feel cordial and relaxed.

  Looking at the social account of this "girl gymnastics", he loves beauty, is excited about receiving autographed photos of his favorite celebrities, and forwards interactions with his teammates on Weibo... Outside of gymnastics, Guan Chenchen, like other girls, expresses that she belongs to her "Little luck" at this age.

  "Now, I have not put the aura of the Olympic champion on me. We sports people have a saying: step off the podium, everything starts from scratch. I will still take each step one step at a time. "Facing the camera, the 17-year-old Guan Chenchen has a firm gaze.


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