The dramatic images of bleeding fans and chaotic scenes around the stadium quickly made the defeat of 1. FC Union Berlin a minor matter.

After the 1: 3 (1: 2) of the Bundesliga club in the Europa Conference League on Thursday at Feyenoord Rotterdam, the focus was on the deployment of the Dutch police and the behavior of the supporters who had traveled with them.

“There are pictures of numerous injured people from what was obviously a very tough police operation.

All in all, that is simply unacceptable, ”said Union communications chief Christian Arbeit.

A total of 75 people were arrested around the match at De Kuip Stadium.

The representations of what exactly happened differ widely.

While Union fans reported targeted attacks and arbitrary arrests on social media, the police presented the incidents differently. According to this, a group of 59 Union supporters first tried to confront fans of Feyenoord before kick-off.

According to the police, they were suspected of “preparing for open violence”.

Another 16 people are suspected of vandalism and possession of fireworks, among other things.

"Catastrophic operational situation"

Before entering the guest block, there were long waiting times later. Some of the 2400 Berliners were not in their seats in the arena long after the game had started. A precise reason for the delays was initially not given. “From our point of view, it is a catastrophic situation when several hundred people with tickets are not in the stadium by the half-time break. Then something can be wrong, ”said Arbeit.

The police meanwhile also reported an attack by a "small group of German hooligans" on the officers.

As a result of the attack, a police dog was used, which both three Union fans and accidentally bit a police officer.

Those affected had to receive medical care.

In addition to other Union fans, a police horse and rider were injured because the animal was frightened by fireworks and then fell.

The “Iron Aid” fan community called on those affected to create memory logs in order to clarify the incidents.

Photos of the injured were also shown on the solidarity community's Twitter account.

You could see the consequences of a dog bite and a football fan with a bleeding head wound.

The police were accused of targeting the heads.

As a result of the entire incident, Union has already announced talks with Feyenoord and the European Football Union.

“We'll have to talk about how something like this can happen on a European level.

It's unacceptable like that, ”said Arbeit.

UEFA was unable to comment on the incidents on Friday.

The official reports are expected first, according to the dpa request.

Overall, the trip to Rotterdam was a trip to forget for Union.

After arriving on Wednesday, a 25-strong delegation led by President Dirk Zingler was physically attacked by a group of Dutch hooligans while visiting a bar near the team hotel.

Tables and chairs were thrown at the Berliners, and the police had to intervene.

Feyenoord apologized for the attacks and promised to clarify.

In terms of sport, the capitals are now last in Group E with three points from three games at half-time in the preliminary round, but there is still a chance of progressing.

Coach Urs Fischer's team didn't have much time to think about it, and on Friday they went to Stuttgart.

For the Swabians, the next Bundesliga game is on the program on Sunday (5.30 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the Bundesliga and at DAZN).

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