The Dutch clubs have again done good business this week on the coefficient list, which UEFA uses to distribute European tickets.

Due to the victories of Ajax, Feyenoord, AZ and Vitesse, the gap with number six Portugal has narrowed, although number five France ran out slightly.

PSV was the dissonant of the five Dutch clubs on Thursday by losing 1-2 to AS Monaco in the Europa League.

Ajax (Champions League), Feyenoord, AZ and Vitesse (all Conference League) did win, as a result of which four Dutch clubs booked a victory for the second round in a row.

This week's victories give the Netherlands 1.6 points for the coefficient ranking.

A win gives two points, but that number must be divided by the number of clubs a country has started the European season with (five).

Compared to the previous round, the gap with number six Portugal has narrowed, but number five France has slightly increased the margin.

It is important for the Netherlands to be in the top six of the coefficient ranking, because then the numbers one and two of the Eredivisie will receive a direct ticket for the group stage of the Champions League.

UEFA coefficient rankings

  • 1. England - 92.355

  • 2. Spain - 83,998

  • 3. Italy - 66.902

  • 4. Germany - 64,927

  • 5. France - 48,081

  • 6. Portugal - 46.216

  • 7. Netherlands - 38,100

  • 8. Austria - 34,050

  • 9. Scotland - 32,100

  • 10. Russia - 31,682

Hole with Portugal and France smaller than it seems

The gap with Portugal and France is still considerable, but that is distorting.

The coefficient ranking is based on points obtained in the last five seasons.

After this season, the performances from the 2017/2018 season will therefore disappear and that is favorable for the Netherlands, which then only captured 2,900 points.

France (11,500) and Portugal (9,666) suffer much greater losses.

The position without the points from the 2017/2018 season suddenly looks a lot rosier.

The Netherlands is virtually still in seventh place with 35,200 points, but the difference with Portugal (36,550) and France (36,581) can certainly be bridged.

Certainly if the Dutch clubs continue this line.

The Netherlands already conquered 8.0 points this season and is - as far as the coefficient list is concerned - clearly the best performing country in Europe.

Even England, the number one in the overall standings, has so far done less well with 6,714 points than Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, AZ and Vitesse combined.

Due to the good performances, all Dutch clubs are heading for European wintering and that can in turn yield bonus points for the coefficient list.

The next European round is scheduled for two weeks.

Distribution of European tickets based on coefficient ranking

  • Places 1 to 4: 4 CL tickets, 2 tickets EL play-offs, 1 ticket preliminary round ConL

  • Seat 5: 2 CL tickets, 1 CL qualifying ticket, 2 EL play-off tickets, 1 Preliminary round ticket ConL

  • Place 6: 2 CL tickets, 1 CL qualifying ticket, 1 EL play-off ticket, 2 ConL qualifying tickets

  • Places 7 to 10: 1 CL ticket, 1 preliminary CL ticket, 1 preliminary EL ticket, 2 preliminary round tickets ConL

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