Pablo Longoria, President of OM and soon to be Secretary General of the UN?

In a letter addressed to Marseille supporters, the Spaniard urged his world to set fire, but not too much either, on the occasion of the classico against the Parisian leader and rival, Sunday night at the Vélodrome.

A letter which will not a priori remain in history but which has the merit of existing after a start to the season that we will qualify as agitated on the side of the Marseille stands.

“This Sunday, we are still going to live a very great moment of emotion and I also hope for a great football moment.

Unfortunately, this start of the season was also marked by incidents which tarnish the image of football everywhere in France, "wrote Longoria in a text addressed to" supporters, regulars, sympathizers or mere occasional spectators "of the Vélodrome.

"I want to do everything so that this moment remains a moment of football and nothing but a moment of football.

Everyone warned us.

If the slightest incident should happen, we could be very severely punished, ”adds the Spanish leader.

A classico in mondovision

Since incidents in the stands during the Angers-Marseille match on September 22, OM is under the threat of a withdrawal of one point in the standings in the event of a repeat offense.

And Sunday, the arrival in Marseille of the Paris SG of Lionel Messi, Neymar (perhaps) and Kylian Mbappé will be the first very big summit of Ligue 1 with more than 65,000 spectators expected according to the club.

“I know that many observers will have their eyes on you, on us.

This match is therefore an opportunity to show the whole world how beautiful our stadium is, how your tifos and your songs can sublimate these moments, ”explained Longoria, saying he hoped for“ a great football party ”.

"No particular alert"

"Used to the North and South bends, the Ganay and Jean Bouin stands, I ask you all without distinction to do everything to convince and encourage your members, your friends, your colleagues to participate in the most beautiful way in these moments" , concluded the Marseille president.

According to an OM spokesperson, the club is in regular contact with the leaders of the supporters' groups and believes that there is "no particular alert" before Sunday's match.


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