• Report This is the 'Generation Z' of Valdebebas: university students, family members and away from parties and luxuries

At the

age of 75

, the 'abu'

Antonio was

still driving his car on the roads of


. A few kilometers towards


, to see


, and other kilometers towards


, where



. It is the story of the

Aranda family

, from


on the father's side, who last Saturday, six years after those curves of a grandfather who now accumulates 81 springs, lived his most special day in the stands of the

Alfredo Di Stéfano de Valdebebas

. In

white madridista

, Óscar. Of

azulgrana culé

, Antonio. The

brothers faced

in the classic of subsidiaries between

Real Madrid and Barcelona

of the

First RFEF.

"As a child, Óscar was pulling for Madrid and Antonio for Barcelona,"

Antonio Aranda

, son of grandfather Antonio and father of the two brothers

, tells EL MUNDO


"A lot of people from the family went to Valdebebas, it was a


, very emotional



seeing them there in the green

... Their grandfather took care of them many times, taking them and bringing them ...".

Antonio's voice stops when he remembers a moment that will remain in the family book.

"They had never faced each other.




the mother's family is from Valencia, she

even knows what an offside is

, how she handles," he laughs.

The Aranda brothers, as children.

The stories of Óscar and Antonio are the stories of two children who

have sacrificed everything

to achieve their dream of being a soccer player.

And that 'everything' is no exaggeration.


19 and 21

, they are not in the Real Madrid and Barcelona subsidiaries by chance or by plug.

They shared equipment in the small sports school in

Huétor Vega

, a town in Granada.

Later in the

Zaidín Sports Club

, also in the town, and finally in



, in fingerlings, due to Óscar's habit of playing with boys older than him.

It was a short time, yes, because their paths parted very soon.

Oscar's decision

"At the age of three, when they were barely walking, they were always carrying a ball. It

was horrible,

" his father jokes.


They wouldn't let you watch television

, they were always kicking balls and were very restless, so we took them to let off steam in football," sums up Antonio, who fondly remembers a "beautiful" time.

"I have a tremendous affection for those years,

now it's more screwed up

because you suffer more. Everything was more transparent there."

Oscar Aranda.EM

The most difficult decision for the Aranda family came in 2014.

Francesc Arnau

, who passed away in May this year and was responsible for the lower categories of Málaga at the time, became interested in


. "We were not supporters and

had fatal,

but he had it clear


It was tiny, looked at you with his suitcase ... Had bad, we were saying there was no need to

be so small, but always had very clear. It

has a

lot personality,

"says Antonio.

Óscar was in Malaga for two years and then returned to Granada, where his brother Antonio had been climbing categories.

The eldest of the Aranda family came to make his debut with the

first team

, led by

Diego Martínez

, before leaving for the Barcelona subsidiary.

"Even if it is only because of Barça's situation, it is the moment when he is closest to making his debut,"

Pedro Bravo

, his agent

, explained to EL MUNDO


"Humility, sacrifice and effort"

The fame and milestone of facing off in a classic have not changed the brothers or their family.

And if that happens, their parents are there to remind them of what is important.


In football you are nobody

, tomorrow they will kick you and nobody will remember you. It is screwed up but it is reality", assumes Antonio, the father.

"Now they are going well, but you never know. We have always instilled in them

humility, sacrifice and effort

. And they have given everything. They have not lived what their friends of their age have experienced.

While others played Play until dawn, they got up early to play

. "

Antonio Aranda.EM

At the moment, Óscar, who was already called up by


in 2020, champion of the


and international

Champions League

in the inferiors, is one of the top scorers for Castilla de Raúl.


, for his part, is looking for his place in

Sergi Barjuan's

Barça B

after arriving this summer. Interestingly, they seem to have found the same position to grow up in: far left. "You have to work a lot, sweat your shirt a lot and have a lot of sacrifice.

They are very psyched up

and they just need to be lucky," his father analyzes. Last Saturday,


, a result that left no one happy: "I preferred a

3-3 with each hat-trick

," he ends, joking.

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