Somewhere between the private and training photos that Giulia Gwinn posted is one from September 19, 2020. The national player is lying on the grass, holding her knee and stretching an arm up for help. The cruciate ligament rupture changed her life. Now the 22-year-old from FC Bayern Munich is back in the DFB selection. And many eyes in the scene will be on Gwinn: The defensive player, who was named “Best Young Player” at the 2019 World Cup, now has a quarter of a million followers on Instagram - more than any other German soccer player.

#comebackstronger has become a standard social media statement when an athlete is seriously injured.

Is that really true?

"I think this saying makes sense, but I still think it's stupid if you just say it because it's this hashtag," said Gwinn in an interview with the German press agency.

“In retrospect, I can say that you can learn a lot and learn a lot from such a time.

I think physically and mentally I'm on a different level than I was before. "

Happy about the postponement of the EM

At the German champions from Munich, Gwinn has played his way back into the team after a long period of suffering. Now she is part of the line-up for the World Cup qualifiers against Israel on Thursday (6:00 p.m. live on in Petach Tikwa and on October 26 (4:05 p.m. live on ARD) in Essen. National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg immediately gave the returnee a guarantee: “We did without Giulia at the games in September so that she could get more rhythm in the club. We want to experience them not only in training, but also in play. "

The lockdown during the Corona period did not make the rehab period easier for Gwinn.

But in her Bayern colleague Jovana Damnjanovic, who was also injured in the cruciate ligament, she had a loyal companion.

The Serbian says about “Giuli”: “She was the little, young superstar.

She never dared say anything in a large group.

Now, a year later, she has really grown up. "

Gwinn's luck, she said herself, was also that the European Championship in England was postponed to 2022.

“This allowed me to heal my injury in peace and I didn't have a tournament in mind all the time.

At the moment I really live in the here and now and maybe experience it more intensely than others. "She is completely symptom-free and" overjoyed "about the nomination for the team of the 2016 Olympic champion.

“Of course you want to get your place back with the national team.

It would be a lie if it wasn't so, ”explained the sports management student.

“But I think I have to find my way back in and give myself the time.” Gwinn has made 19 international matches so far, and many more should be added for the athlete, who was born in Ailingen on Lake Constance and who played her Bundesliga for SC Freiburg at the age of 16 - Made debut.

FC Bayern even shot a documentary about their difficult year: "Guilia Gwinn - 336 days".

In the Sky feature “My Story”, she said that because of her popularity in women's football, she also felt envy.

It is "a difficult topic with competition and such."

On Instagram, Gwinn shows herself as young women of her age often do: in a leopard print dress at sunset, in front of the mirror or with a bright red top in a convertible.

Social media are an important platform, but: “The focus should always be on me as a footballer.

There will always be private insights, but that is irrelevant. "

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