The World Cup project every two years “evaporates” .. and the head of “FIFA” surrenders

The British newspaper, The Sun, revealed that the most prominent project that FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, was enthusiastic about, and led by former French coach Arsene Wenger, the architect of the project that requires the World Cup to be held every two years instead of four years, received a painful blow. Yesterday, after threats to cancel their membership from FIFA, the world's most important football association reached an unprecedented level of seriousness.

The newspaper said that in a "virtual - virtual" meeting between Infantino and a number of European and international federations officials in Zurich, Switzerland, he surrendered to the strong opposition voices from Europe and Latin America, and said that "FIFA" will not submit a vote to move forward with the establishment of the World Cup during the "FIFA General". On December 20, he only sought during the previous period to get to know the various voices, but after seeing the size of the wide opposition, he confirmed that the project now will not turn into reality, and that it will remain within the framework of consultations and study for something better in the future.

He said that "FIFA" will not do anything in the future unless everyone agrees to it sportingly and financially, and it will never be unilaterally by the International Federation, or at the expense of other parties in the game.

He emphasized his words more by supporting England's endeavor to organize the World Cup in 2030, which cuts off doubt with regard to canceling the organization of the cup every two years after 2026, as it was planned for, as it was impossible to support a file for 2030, if he were to move forward in The project, as other arrangements will be related to that matter.

Infantino’s decline came after more than 12 European federations threatened to cancel membership from “FIFA”, and similar threats from Latin America in addition to the strong opposition position from the European Union, where the objection is mainly that the new project will destroy the components of real football, most notably the players, especially With the enormous pressure on everyone, and the draining of their energies greatly, something they considered unhealthy for the game, and it would not be in its favor in the future.

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