At the World Gymnastics Championships held in Kitakyushu, the women's individual all-around final was held, and Angelina Melnikova of the Russian Gymnastics Federation won the championship for the first time.

On the 21st of the 4th day of the World Championship, the women's individual overall final, which is contested in total for the 4th event, was held, and the top 24 players participated.

Melnikova, who was the top bronze medalist in this event at the Tokyo Olympics and was the top in the qualifying for this tournament, scored the top on the uneven bars in the performance on the 21st, and also marked the second place in each of the other three events. Then, he won the tournament for the first time with a total of 56.632 in the 4th event.

Leanne Wong was in 2nd place, and Kera Dicero was in 3rd place.

From Japan, Hitomi Hatakeda was scheduled to participate in the final in 4th place in the qualifying, but he injured his neck during practice on the 20th and abstained.

On the 22nd, the men's individual all-around final will be held, and Daiki Hashimoto, who was the top player in the qualifying round, will aim to win the tournament for the first time.

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