In the dispute over a World Cup every two years, the German Football Association is “satisfied” with not voting at a congress this year.

Instead, the FIFA Council decided on Wednesday that a global summit with discussions on reforming the international match calendar would take place on December 20.

"The decision was unanimous at the proposal of the President, so a vote in December is no longer necessary and there was no controversy in the FIFA Council in this regard," the DFB announced on Thursday at the request of the German Press Agency. "That is why we are continuing to rely on a mutually agreed solution developed by FIFA and UEFA for all questions relating to the future, globally uniform game calendar."

The positions to shorten the World Cup rhythm to two years are still hardened.

In talks with European association representatives, FIFA President Gianni Infantino received clear opposition to the world association's plans.

According to dpa information, more than a dozen European associations are considering leaving the world association as the last option.

In addition to the European Football Union UEFA, the Continental Association of South America also categorically rejects the plans for a World Cup every two years.

After a meeting of the FIFA Council, Infantino expressed the hope for a common solution and indicated a possible relenting.

“We want to achieve this consensus.

We'll see what this looks like, ”said Infantino in Zurich.

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