She knows what it's about.

Magdalena Eriksson is team captain in the club team Chelsea and has also had to wear the bandage earlier in the national team.

Therefore, it is a not too unpredictable choice that Peter Gerhardsson has made before Thursday's match against Ireland.

- What feels so funny is that Peter has that confidence in me, that he trusts me so much and gives me that responsibility.

It basically does not change anything but it is incredibly fun, she says.

Is there any difference between being a team captain in the club team and the national team?

- No, not in the way I see the captain's role.

For me, it's about getting it because of who you are as a person.

You should not change that way, she says.

She does not see leading an experienced national team as the most difficult job.

- We have many leaders in the national team and many who take responsibility all the time on and off training.

It is a very easy job here in the national team when so many experienced players step forward and take responsibility, she says.

Another positive news for Magdalena Eriksson is that she is nominated for the Ballon d'Or, the prize for the world's best football player, which is nominated by the French magazine France Football.

Eriksson, who comes from a season with the Champions League final with Chelsea and Olympic silver with Sweden, is one of two Swedes who are nominated.

The other is Häcken's striker Stina Blackstenius.

- I have always been a bit double for such nominations and awards, because you can discuss that name here and that name there.

But basically, I think it's great fun to get that kind of attention, says Eriksson.

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World Cup qualifier: Magdalena Eriksson offers heel special

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