The match at Stamford Bridge will be played in front of packed stands.

An environment Malmö FF's striker Antonio Colak thrives in.

- I live for these moments, for these matches.

This is the first time I'm playing for a packed stadium in England.

We know the atmosphere the English contribute.

Our fans are here too.

I think it will be a very cool match, says Antonio Colak.

Midfielder Franz Brorsson is less impressed that Stamford Bridge is sold out.

The number of Malmö supporters who have arrived is just over 800 in number.

A small crowd Franz Brorsson thinks will be heard.

- We know that teams like Chelsea have many tourist supporters.

So I do not think there will be better moves than at home in Malmö.

You always hear our supporters, he says.

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Alexandre Lacazette put the equalizer at 2-2 for Arsenal.

Photo: Bildbyrån.

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