Shougang team lost to Zhejiang team with seven three-pointers without a hit

  Last night, the second round of the CBA League was held in Zhuji. The Shougang team lost 73-96 to the Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank team.

In this game, the Shougang team did a poor job in two important aspects: free throws and three-pointers. Among them, the team made a total of 7 three-pointers and none of them made a hit.

At the same time, the Shougang team obviously did not have the upper hand in the internal duel.

  Unexpectedly, the Shougang team's free throw percentage in this game was very low, less than 60% of the entire game.

Among them, Fan Ziming and other players also missed two free throws, which showed that the team's preparation before the game was not very good.

In addition, the poor performance of the Shougang team beyond the three-point line also cost them a painful price.

Three-pointers have always been an important weapon for the Shougang team to defeat their opponents, but in this game, they collectively lost the front sight on the outside.

  The watershed of the game was at the end of the second and third quarters. This was largely due to the defensive threat of Zhejiang's young insider Yu Jiahao and his ability to compete in the basket.

Yu Jiahao, who is only 18 years old but has reached 2.23 meters in height, although the data in this game is not as eye-catching as in the first game, his role in defense and rebounding in this game cannot be directly reflected by the data.

Coupled with the fact that Li Muhao got into foul trouble prematurely in the second quarter of the Shougang team, this made them unable to take the initiative in the interior matchup.

  Not only that, the Shougang team also did not do as well as before when the key player in defense was like Wu Qian, which was also an important factor in their failure.

Wu Qian scored 21 points in this game, including 6 three-pointers. This is obviously an unacceptable result for the Shougang team, which is known for defense.

  All in all, the Shougang team ended in a rout, and the team's preparation for the game was obviously insufficient.

  Text/Reporter Song Xiang

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