Sweden turned a 0-14 defeat into a 22-14 victory in the European Championship semi-finals on a rainy day at Myyrmäki Stadium.

The victory means that Sweden will play the European Championship final against Italy on October 31 - a match that SVT broadcasts.

- From SVT's side, we always want to be involved and broadcast when blue and yellow are fighting for championship medals.

So we are very happy to be able to broadcast this match, not least as we rarely get the opportunity to show American football, says SVT Sports project manager Max Bursell.

The European Championship final will be played on October 31, at Malmö Stadium.

Sweden won the European Championship title in 2005 - then in Malmö.

And the Swedish national team has recharged in the best way.

It was a big victory against Finland with 35-7 in the rematch on October 17.