Professional baseball coach Tsuyoshi Yoda has announced that two coaches, Tsutomu Ito and Hideyuki Awano, who have supported the team for three years since taking office, will be leaving the team only this season.

Ito head coach is 59 years old.

During his active career as a catcher, he played an active role as a central player in Seibu's golden age.

Then, in line with the appointment of Director Yoda, he became the head coach of Chunichi and has supported the team.

In addition, pitcher coach Awano, 57 years old, is a senior of Asia University coach Yoda, and has been making efforts to rebuild the pitcher kingdom by proposing pitching styles that suit each pitcher.

According to the baseball team, head coach Ito and coach Awano requested the baseball team to leave the team only this season on the 19th, saying that they would be responsible for the poor performance, and the baseball team also agreed.

It seems that the two coaches who have served as coaches with Yoda have decided to leave the team because Yoda will retire this season.