Mohamed Salah meets Prince William, "Put his hand in his pocket", and a body language expert explains .. video

A side meeting on the sidelines of a global event that brought together Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool club, and British Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, including saluting and engaging in clear conversations, a kind of happiness and respect, and the photographers' cameras trusted him between video and video clips that roamed social media platforms.

Various gestures and movements appeared by "Mo" on the sidelines of his participation in the "Earth Shot Award" ceremony, held in the English capital London, which was established by the Duke of Cambridge in order to find solutions to the climate change crisis, during which Salah gave a speech, as well as distributing prizes to the winners.

Among the clips circulated by Mohamed Salah, the moment he put his hand inside his "pocket" while he was accompanied by his agent Rami Abbas with Prince William, next to the snapshot that Kate Middleton tried to make peace with him.

The body language expert, Mohamed Hassan, explained to the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan” the body language of Mohamed Salah during his presence at the “Earth Shot” party, saying that they are all positive and characterized by confidence and not arrogance, as some think, as the movement of his hands inside his pocket is normal and results from a natural interaction in front of Prince William.

As for Mo's smile during the meeting, it expresses his happiness at being in the place and meeting Prince William, and the touch of the hand of the Duke of Cambridge's wife indicates that she is positively sympathetic to Mohamed Salah, according to a body language expert.

During the speech that Salah delivered at the ceremony, he appeared in a steady tone of voice, as well as his concentration to read carefully so as not to make any mistake, and about the last sign at the end of the word when the fingers intertwine with the thumbs meeting, it is a sign of self-confidence.

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