Biathletes Jesper Nelin and Hanna Öberg were a couple for a long time.

But since last year this is not the case.

Since then, Hanna Öberg has been with the World Cup gold medalist Martin Ponsiluoma - and Nelin is with Ponsiluoma's former girlfriend, Fanny Johansson.

- We have been a damn good and close-knit team but I would not say that it is so anymore.

It is not as welded together at all, but it works in any case and we train together, Nelin tells Aftonbladet.

"Was a little turbulent"

Ponsiluoma also says that it has previously been noticed on the atmosphere.

- In the Czech Republic there was a bit of turbulence but then we have handled it very professionally and had no problems with it.

From my side anyway.

I think it has been good, he says to the newspaper.

The biathlon season is just around the corner and head coach Johannes Lukas has not noticed that it has all affected the sport negatively.

"The training quality has been good"

- I think we have handled it in a very good and professional way.

I think the training quality has been good and the whole team has trained together as usual.

What they do privately is up to them, we can not influence that and I do not want to influence that as a coach, says Lukas to SVT Sport.

Next week, the national team will gather in Idre and will drive there as usual.

- It comes out in the media now but the thing has probably happened a long time ago.

This is not a current issue and we will not make a big deal out of it.

We focus on training where we are well in phase, says Lukas.

The World Cup in biathlon starts in Östersund 27-28 November.

KLIPP: Who is Stina Nilsson?

(October 11, 2021)

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Who is Stina Nilsson?

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