Yuki Saito, a professional baseball player who will retire from active duty only this season, has risen to the final mound of active duty in the game against Orix at Sapporo Dome.

After the match, a ceremony was held, and fans and related parties aimed at pitcher Saito's 11 years of active life.

Nippon-Ham created an opportunity for pitcher Saito to pitch for the last time in the match against Orix, the leader of the game at Sapporo Dome, and announced it in advance, so the admission ticket for this match was sold out and many fans visited. rice field.

Pitcher Saito did not pitch in the 1st army last year, but he joined the 1st army from the 16th for the last pitching, and after playing a light catch ball in the pre-match practice, he said with his teammates. And spent the remaining time as a professional.

Pitcher Saito pitched with Nippon-Ham in the 7th inning with a 1-point lead, and played against Orix's No. 1 Shuhei Fukuda.

The first ball took a strike with a straight of 129 km, and the third ball fouled with a two-seam of 125 km.

After this, it became a full count, and the 7th ball was also a ball and became a foreball.

Pitcher Saito got off the mound here and returned to the bench with big applause from the fans.

And pitcher Saito, who was called by director Hideki Kuriyama, was weeping.

Immediately after the match, a ceremony was held, and pitcher Saito said to his fans, "Saito was sometimes told that he had, but if he really had it, he would get good results and not be so injured. It must have been. I have the best companions, including the fans. Thank you very much for a long time, "said the words of gratitude.

At the end of the ceremony, Nippon-Ham fighters gathered on the mound to raise pitcher Saito and aim for 11 years of active life.

Director Kuriyama "I told you not to forget this air"

Director Hideki Kuriyama said, "I had a lot of thoughts that I couldn't express in words. I don't know what he thinks, but I did my best. I thanked the fans for their strong support. When I threw it back at the match, I told him not to forget this air. "

Regarding pitching by pitcher Saito, "I was worried about my shoulders, but I was seriously fighting and I was able to draw out my strength. Today, other players have expressed my desire to do something about it. I have it. "

Pitcher Saito "Pitching with a tight feeling"

Pitcher Saito looked back on the last pitching of the active pitcher and said, "I got a chance at the end and was thrown as a member of the Fighters, so I was able to throw with a very tight feeling. I prepared to hold it down firmly. "

Regarding what he was thinking about in the last mound, he said, "I was thinking about what kind of swing the opponent would make for each ball and what kind of course I should throw with my own ball selection." bottom.

Also, when the full count was reached, the fans sent applause of support, saying, "I got the applause peculiar to the fans of the Fighters. Actually, as a pitcher, I do not want to bring it to such a situation, but this When I thought that I couldn't hear the applause as a player anymore, I had a lot of thoughts. "

When I got off the mound and returned to the bench, Director Kuriyama spoke to me and slowly said that tears had overflowed, "A word from Director Kuriyama echoes. It was like that at that time." I was reminded of the situation at that time.

And finally, he said to the fans, "Thanks to all of you, I've done so far. I'm glad that you watched over me, and I'm grateful that I couldn't have done so far without cheering."

Greetings from Pitcher Saito's retirement ceremony


















But if I really had it, I would have been able to get good grades and I wouldn't have been so injured.

What I had, including the fans, was the best companion.

The time I spend with you is a treasure of my life.

Thank you very much for a long time.

I'm sure we'll see you again. "

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