The final round of the Japan Open Golf Championship was held in Shiga Prefecture, with South African player Shaun Norris winning a total of 19 unders and winning his sixth tour total.

In the final round of the Japan Open Golf Championship in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, Norris, who came out of the lead with a total of 18 under, struggled with the accuracy of the shot in the first half and hit the bogey in the 7th par 4.

Still, in the second half, I corrected it and got a birdie in the 12th and 15th par 4, increased the score by one and won the championship with a total of 19 under, and got the sixth victory in the tour.

Yuta Ikeda, who came out of 4th place with a 4-stroke difference, was able to catch up to 15 unders in total by increasing the score by 4 with 5 birdies and 1 bogey.

Tadahiro Takayama, Ryosuke Kinoshita, and Thanyakon Khrongpa of Thailand were in third place with a total of 11 under.

Yuki Inamori, who aimed for the second straight victory, dropped the score with a total of 9 unders and 7th place, and Satoshi Kodaira who came out of 2nd place hit a triple bogey at the beginning and was 11th with a total of 8 unders.

The best amateur "low amateur" was Ren Yonezawa, a fourth-year student at Tohoku Fukushi University, who was 38th with a total of 2 under.

Norris "Finally win and have a special feeling"

Shaun Norris, who won the championship, said, "The content of the putt was good throughout the four days, and I was able to enter the final round calmly. Yuta Ikeda was raising the score and I thought that I had to take a birdie, so the second half from there It was great that I got two birdies, "he recalled.

Regarding the first victory in this tournament, which has been ranked second twice in the past, he smiled, "I feel special to finally win. I am happy to win every national open in a special tournament."

2nd place Ikeda "I felt happy with cheers and applause."

Ikeda, who came in 2nd place without catching up in the final round, said, "I just wanted to chase because the difference with the top was wide. It wasn't bad, but I wanted a little more birdies. I looked back with a regrettable expression.

On top of that, regarding the tournament, which was held for the first time in two years with spectators, "It was a thankful four days for the golfers to get cheers and applause. It was a disappointing result, but I was surrounded by people and played the ball. I felt the happiness of hitting it, "he said.

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