Over the years, the brothers have pushed each other to great deeds on the running tracks, but last season looked different.

Fililp lost more and more to Jakob.

At the Olympics, the difference seemed extra clear.

Jakob won the gold while Filip was knocked out in his trial heat after finishing tenth.

During the season, Filip has struggled with a body that did not respond properly.

He has taken lots of blood samples, which have not shown anything, and just coping with everyday life has been a struggle for Filip.

On Monday, he received the answer to the problem.

He had experienced a side effect of the first dose of covid-19 vaccine.

Even just playing with the little daughter has been difficult.

- It is very sad when I have a daughter of 1.5 years and want to play with her, says Filip to VG.

Difficult with motivation

If you can not even play with such a small daughter, the training has been hell, especially as the tests did not show any errors.

- It is a struggle, it is difficult from the first meter.

Much of what we look for in training is to get in shape and find the flow.

The less you feel it, the harder it is to motivate yourself to exercise.

It has really affected the motivation, says Filip.

Now he is trying to keep going with low intensity to find his way back, but there is a concern because the family, Team Ingebrigtsen, does not know how to tackle the problem.

- We have to be patient and see if the body responds in a better way.

There is nothing else we can do.

He is not sick but it is the body that does not respond, says the father and coach Gjert.

With the results in hand, Filip wishes that the vaccination would have worked better - but he would have done the same thing again.

- Summa summarum, it is more important to survive than to be a good runner.

You can not regret that you have been medicated for such a serious illness.

It was never relevant that he would not take the vaccine, says father Gjert.

All the Ingebrigtsen brothers, where Henrik also had international success, are fully vaccinated.

ARCHIVE: Jakob Ingebridtsen won 5000 meters on European record (June 10, 2021)

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Jakob Ingebrigtsen is in super shape.

Photo: TT News Agency

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