The home team was dominant in the first half, 11-1 in the end, and when Mie Leth Jans followed up in an attack and shot straight 3-0 at the beginning of the second half, the victory was secured.

Hammarby spat up and made the match even but the backpack from the first half became too heavy to carry.

June Pedersen's 3-1 goal came too late but at least pleased about 50 visiting Bajen fans who had their own small grandstand section behind one goal.

Within four minutes after half an hour of play, Vittsjö founded the victory.

First, Clare Polkinghorn nodded in a corner that Fernanda Da Silva hit from the left edge.

Polkinghorn came running in the middle and nodded the ball with force.

Then it was Tove Almqvist's turn to make it 2-0.

After a counterattack, she pushed the ball in at the left post.

Got tips during a water break

- When I was going to take water, it was a leader who thought I should try to shoot more and it was successful, says Almqvist in Aftonbladet's broadcast.

Vittsjö also had a heel that tried to match the arrived Hammarby heel, who most recently participated and experienced the all-time Swedish audience record on Tele2 against AIK where 18537 filled the stands.

- It was fun that Hammarby had fans with him and to also hear our fans.

It was a good setting, says Almqvist,

In the battle to reach a qualifying place for the Champions League, the third Eskilstuna is best.

If Hammarby had won, the team would have been one point behind Eskilstuna, who play against Kif Örebro tomorrow, and could have put pressure with two rounds left.

Now the dream of Europe at Vittsjö IP disappeared.

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Audience record when Hammarby crushed AIK Photo: Bildbyrån

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