Two players from Tottenham Hotspur, a professional soccer player in England, tested positive for COVID-19, and local reports came out that one of them was Son Heung-min. There has been no official confirmation from the club, but concerns are growing.

By Kim Hyung-yeol, staff reporter.


British media, including Sky Sports, reported that two Tottenham players tested positive for COVID-19.

In particular, 'Daily Hotspur', which delivers news of Tottenham, reported on Twitter that Heung-Min Son and Brian Hill were the two confirmed cases.

While there has been no official confirmation from the club yet, Santo only said that the players who were called to the national team had problems.

[Nunu Santo/Tottenham Manager: A big problem always arises after the break in match A. We also have a big problem now, so I won't talk about it in detail before the game.]

Son Heung-min, who joined the national team earlier this month and scored in two consecutive World Cup qualifiers, returned to Tottenham immediately after finishing the match against Iran on the 12th. Participated in team training and socialized with colleagues with a bright face.

If Son Heung-min tested positive after completing team training, he will be re-tested today (16th) and quarantined for 10 days if confirmed.

In this case, he will not play at least three games from the day before against Newcastle, which is expected to affect his joining the national team next month.

The Korea Football Association said that Son Heung-min tested negative on two corona tests during his visit to Iran and inquired to the current Tottenham club whether Heung-min Son was confirmed, but has not received an answer.

(Video editing: Woo-jung Woo, CG: Kim Jong-un) 

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