On the occasion of the 12th day of Ligue 2, Dijon Amiens at the Gaston-Gérard stadium.

With a final score of 1 to 0, the DFCO won this meeting.

It is a Dijon team in 4-3-1-2 which started the meeting, facing the balanced 4-2-3-1 of Hinschberger, installing Lahne at the forefront.

No goals were scored in the first period.

Dobre scored the only goal of the game in the 58th, giving his side a narrow victory.

The referee released a card for Younoussa.

In the 46th minute, Ngouyamsa Nounchili came off the pitch after receiving a red card.

This victory allows Dijon to gain a place, moving the club to 16th position ahead of Dunkirk.

The Amiens players suffered a defeat and, losing one place, the club fell to 19th place.

Dijon and Amiens: the next matches

For its next match, Dijon will face Grenoble at the Stade des Alpes on October 23 at 7 p.m. for the next day.

For his part, Amiens will meet the VAFC on the same day at exactly the same time, at the Licorne stadium.

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The match sheet: line-ups, goals and refereeing

Dijon - Amiens: 1-0 (0-0 at half-time)

In Dijon (Gaston-Gérard stadium), on October 16, kick-off at 7 p.m.

Amiens trainer: Philippe Hinschberger

Composition from Amiens: Régis Gurtner (1), Harouna Sy (18) [then Mamadou Fofana in the 75th], Mateo Pavlović (14), Mickaël Alphonse (13), Formose Mendy (5), Iron Gomis (22) [then Adama Diakhaby in the 61st], Jessy Benet (21) [then Toluwalase Emmanuel Arokodare in the 46th], Mathis Lachuer (20), Chadrac Akolo (19) [then Emmanuel Lomotey in the 76th], Arnaud Lusamba (10), Jack Lahne (26) [then Codjo Charbel Gomez in the 61st]

Dijon coach: Patrice Garande

Composition from Dijon: Baptiste Reynet (30), Ahmad Toure Ngouyamsa Nounchili (19), Senou Coulibaly (5), Daniel Congré (3), Adama Fofana (2), Mihai Dobre (29), Jessy Pi (26), Wilitty Younoussa (18) [then Mattéo Ahlinvi in ​​the 81st], Valentin Jacob (11) [then Cheick Omar Traoré in the 46th], Yassine Benzia (10) [then Christopher Rocchia in the 81st], Mickaël Le Bihan (8) [then Aurélien Scheidler in the 61st]

Goals: Dobre (58th)

Warnings: Younoussa (79th) for Dijon

Expelled players: Ngouyamsa Nounchili (46th) for Dijon

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