• The Girondins de Bordeaux receive FC Nantes this Sunday at 3 p.m. for the 10th day of Ligue 1. 

  • A duel that would have lost its appeal over time, especially for the youngest supporters. 

The confrontation between the Girondins de Bordeaux and FC Nantes at Matmut Atlantique this Sunday, on behalf of the 10th day of Ligue 1, will see two teams come up against each other who come out of the water, after a 2020-2021 season more that complicated. This meeting is also that of two clubs which have marked the history of the French championship, and whose rivalry has long been strong. This duel is often defined as the “Atlantic Derby”. An expression that makes more than one Nantes or Bordeaux supporter cringe. Especially since the rivalry between the two clubs seems to have taken the lead in the wing.

“It was especially the 80s, when the two clubs played for the title every year and Bordeaux began to plunder Nantes.

Since then, it's been a bit anecdotal ”, explains Arnaud, FCN supporter.

If the rivalry between the two clubs is not necessarily geographical, it was based, in the 80s, on the competition between these two teams in the standings.

"A question of generation"

At the time, the two formations even pulled the plug on the players.

Example with Thierry Tussau, from Nantes who left in 1983 for Bordeaux, when the FCN had just won the championship.

A start that had remained through the throat of the great Coco Suaudeau, legendary coach of the Canaries.

But also in the minds of some Nantes fans, who do not forget the departure of José Touré for the Girondins in 1986 either.

According to Malik, FC Nantes follower, this fervor around this meeting is above all a "question of generation" to support.

“For me, born in 1980, Nantes-Bordeaux is worth more than Nantes-Rennes.

These are two cities that resemble each other in their history, two prestigious clubs that have pulled out of their way with different models.

"Enzo, Bordeaux supporter, confirms the crumbling of this rivalry between the two clubs:" I have the impression that the rivalry is more present among the supporters who are at least in their forties.

For some elders especially, the rivalry is there, we young people have always known a fairly average FC Nantes… ”

A transfer of rivalry?

The rivalry with Marseille speaks more to this young generation of Girondins supporters: “Nantes, it's a match like any other.

I don't classify it in the same category as Marseille for example, which I consider to be THE historic match, ”explains Thibaud.

For others, history has changed, and the present of the two clubs would no longer justify this fight.

“Nantes had a rivalry with Bordeaux and Sainté during the glory days of the three clubs.

Now it's over, because the three are on the decline, ”adds Yohann, another Nantes supporter.

However, Sunday's match will have a very special flavor for the Girondins, whose club is celebrating its 140 years.

Nantes side, a victory could allow the Canaries to settle in the first half of the table.

The Bordelais, them, must win if they want to avoid remaining stuck in the bottom of the classification.


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