• The Girondins de Bordeaux will celebrate their 140th birthday this Sunday (3 p.m.) against FC Nantes at Matmut Atlantique.

  • True living memories of the club, Alain and Martine Claverie created in 2005 a museum dedicated to Navy and White.

  • There are hundreds of objects collected over more than 40 years by this retired couple.

Alain recognizes it immediately: “I have to paint again! »A small layer of navy and white on the vessel. Yes at the Claveries, everything is in the colors of the Girondins de Bordeaux. The gate, the house, the garage and of course the museum! Martine renovated this former pig pen with her husband about fifteen years ago. “In the beginning, we had a lot of archives in boxes. Everything was put away, all our memories of trips, trips and we said to ourselves: “Why not put all our memories there?” And put them in plain view. And there are things to see after more than 40 years of supporting the club in the scapular!

Scarves, photos, posters, magazines, coffee cups, flags… Hundreds of objects over a few square meters.

A sort of Ali Baba's cave from the Girondins de Bordeaux.

Their collection of scarves is particularly impressive and adorns the walls and ceiling of their museum.

"There are more than 200 I think", proudly slips Alain, 72 years old.

Some are reminiscent of some historic club matches, others have been exchanged with opposing supporters across Europe.

The Claveries have more than sixty trips to the Old Continent, they who were still in Monaco a fortnight ago to see the match of their favorite team.

Real enthusiasts.

They continue to crisscross France behind the team

In this extraordinary museum, surely the only one of this importance dedicated to the club, there are also unusual objects such as the Bordeaux-Juve lighter from 1985. Everyone has their favorite, Chamakh for Alain, Pauleta for Martine. The retired couple also exhibits more personal memories such as their many photos with the players or their travels. "A few days ago, we met Yaro [Plasil] again on the Bazas market," Alain recalls, showing the photo taken with the former midfielder and deputy of Vladimir Petkovic today, but times have changed a lot. at this level. Before with Bez, we could meet in the same hotel as the players on the move and chat with them, often anything and everything. This proximity no longer exists at all today.

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The Claveries also regret the club's lack of consideration for them.

Apart from a few invitations here and there, the Girondins have never really taken an interest in them and their unique collection in the world.

“It's a shame, admits Martine, we would like to have, for example, the visit of former players because all these objects and memories concern them too.

»No problem, they are not doing it for the glory, on the contrary.

Moreover, this Sunday as always they will be at the top for Virage Sud with the Ultramarines to support the Bordelais and celebrate the 140 years of the club.

And then, they will take the road again this season to go for example to Clermont because "we do not know" and to enrich their museum with a few additional scarves and trinkets ...


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