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8:00 p.m .: Hello folks, sit down quietly, just enough time for me to arrive at the Park and sit in the stands.

See you later. 

Ligue 1 is back tonight and that's good because we were starting to be severely lacking.

We are therefore starting this weekend with a nasty little match at the Parc between two teams very well on board in the standings for the moment (not surprisingly for the PSG, but we salute the 4th place of the Angevins).

On the Paris side, you shouldn't expect to see all the reusta [for the less young, that means "stars" backwards] since the Sudam colony has just returned to the fold.

But there will still be beautiful people on the lawn, like Kylian Mbappé, whose reception we will scrutinize after his recent media outings.

>> Rendezvous quietly around 8:30 p.m., be on time!

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