Barot: "Al-Abyad" is no longer well, and this is the coach's responsibility

4 technical steps that the team needs before the fateful match against South Korea

  • The team collected only 3 points in the first four rounds of the World Cup qualifiers.

    Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem

  • Eid Barout: “I am confident that if the coach had asked to postpone the league, the Football Association would have agreed.”


The former youth coach, Eid Barout, stressed that the pivotal match, which is crucial for the national team against South Korea on November 11 in the World Cup qualifiers for the Asian continent, needs special preparation, a comprehensive review of the previous period with all its mistakes, and an attempt to overcome it in a match As important as the meeting of South Korea at the latter's land in the Korean capital, Seoul, at the conclusion of the first round of the final stage of the qualifiers.

In an interview with "Emirates Today", he stressed the team's need to take four basic technical steps, in order to be able to complete the journey and achieve the dream of ascending to the world finals. He said that it is firstly related to the need to develop a good preparation plan at the physical, mental and technical level, in addition to playing the largest number of friendly matches, and not relying only on league matches to prepare the players of the team, as well as going through long preparation camps so that the coach gets his full time to identify the potential of the team. All his players, as well as the psychological rehabilitation of the players after the great psychological pressure they faced in the last period, after the disappointing results that made the team fourth with only three points, after drawing in three games and losing in one meeting.

Barot said that although qualifying is still possible, it has become much more difficult after the recent results, and that winning and nothing else is a major goal in the South Korea match, despite the difficulty of the matter, as well as in other matches that no longer bear any negative results.

Barot continued: "The Football Association has provided all means of comfort to the team, so (Al-Abyad) needs good preparation to complete the journey, even if he is out of the competition at least, with his head held high."

He believed that there is nothing impossible in football, but in return there must be a good preparation commensurate with the importance of the next stage.

He explained, "I said before that I am in favor of postponing the league to better prepare the team, because preparing through the league matches does not help."

And Barot continued, "Why is this compressed calendar for the team, with matches in the league and the League Cup, in addition to the participation of the Olympic team, which wants to qualify for the Asian U-23 finals in Uzbekistan?"

Barot demanded that the coach of the Dutch national team, Marvik, program himself with these matters to take sufficient space and seek to prepare his players, pointing out that the players are currently tired and tired, even mentally.

Some fans, who expressed their anger at the team's players, demanded to calm down a little and stand firmly behind Al-Abyad, as they are in dire need of psychological support and to spare the players any other pressures before the upcoming decisive matches.

He continued: “The team is no longer well, and this is the responsibility of the coach, and I am sure if the coach asked to postpone the league, the Football Association would have agreed, because it provided all means of comfort to the team, and the Federation, its committees and the League will not delay any requests in order to prepare well for the team.”

He pointed out that everyone noticed that the team performed well in the first half, but then regressed in the second half, which is the responsibility of the coach.

He stressed that the biggest problem is that the team was not properly prepared.

He explained, "We are not the Dutch, Italian, Spanish or English national teams, and the coach must program himself with what is available."

He pointed out that the Lebanese team, although it does not have a league, set up a camp for a month in Turkey, and went to a camp in the Emirates before its previous match with the national team.

He said that despite the technical problems in a number of the national team's lines, good physical preparation is enough to reduce those problems.

He said that Marvik should take advantage of his 11-member assistant staff in preparing the team, each in his field and specialization, from all sides.

• November 11, the date of the national team's important match in Seoul against its South Korean host.

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