Chinanews client, Beijing, October 15 (Reporter Wang Yu) The preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are about to enter the final 100-day sprint.

After nearly seven years of waiting, the world is paying more and more attention to what kind of passionate sparks will come out of China with its ancient civilization and the Olympic ice and snow event.

  Recently, IOC Vice President and Australian Olympic Committee Chairman John Coates stated that the Australian Olympic Committee will send 41 athletes to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and the Australian Paralympic Committee will also send 9 athletes and 2 athletes. The famous guide participated in the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games.

The first Beijing Winter Olympics test match was held. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  "It is really important to bring together athletes from 206 countries (regions) delegations and refugee delegations to compete with each other, exchange ideas, and share their life stories and dreams. More importantly, the whole world We can all see how the Olympic Games create an atmosphere of friendship, understanding, respect and unity." Coates said.

  In fact, as early as June this year, the CEO of the Australian Olympic Committee Matt Carroll said that he expected Australian athletes to achieve good results in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

He said that although the size of the Australian Winter Olympics delegation will not be very large, it will be a very dedicated team.

  Two months ago, when "more united" was added to the Olympic motto, the Olympic spirit ushered in a new sublimation.

As IOC President Bach said: "The world today depends on each other. In order to achieve faster, higher, and stronger, we need to work together to respond together."

"Healthy China Vitality Winter Olympics" Source: Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

  Today, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still raging around the world. "Openness, tolerance, and sharing of beauty" has become the common vision of everyone who is concerned about the development of the Olympic Movement.

For this reason, while all domestic sectors are stepping up preparations for the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the attention and expectations from all sectors of the world are always there.

  Pakistani Olympic Committee Chairman Said Hassan said in an interview with Chinese media a few days ago that Pakistan has full confidence in China's ability to host the Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics will be an outstanding and brilliant Olympic event.

  Hasan said that all preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics are in an orderly manner, including the Winter Olympics test competition to be held this month. This is not an easy task in the context of the new crown epidemic.

He said that Pakistani athletes are actively preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics. "Our athletes are very much looking forward to, very happy, and keep asking questions about Beijing and the competition."

Chinese athlete Yang Binyu in the women's 3000 meters race.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  The Beijing Winter Olympics test match that Hasan is paying attention to is currently in full swing in multiple competition venues.

As an important inspection before the Beijing Winter Olympics, the test competition is also in accordance with the competition time standards, and strives to be safe and brilliant in all aspects such as epidemic prevention, competition, and logistical support.

  The "Meet in Beijing" Speed ​​Skating China Open ended successfully in the National Speed ​​Skating Hall "Ice Ribbon" recently. The Dutch player Grevet won four gold medals in her personal event and became the most shining star on the "Ice Ribbon". She also spoke to the organizing committee. The reception service and the organization of the event were impressed.

  "Usually we will miss home when we go abroad, but this game gives me a sense of belonging... The venue is very good, the staff is dedicated and serious... The overall feeling is very good. I am very fortunate to be able to come to China to participate in the competition." Gravitt said.

  Her teammate Butters, after personally experiencing the atmosphere of the Beijing Winter Olympics test competition, is also full of expectations for the arrival of the Beijing Winter Olympics, "I really hope that every one of my friends can have the opportunity to experience the feeling of skating on the'Ice Ribbon'."

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics emblem sculpture.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  The Beijing Winter Olympics has a total of 7 major events, 15 sub-events, and 109 minor events. A total of 109 gold medals have been produced. The quota for athletes is 2892 athletes. Among them, female athletes accounted for 1,314, accounting for all participating athletes. 45.2%, the highest in all previous Winter Olympics.

  In a sense, the Beijing Winter Olympics carried the Olympic dreams of nearly 3,000 ice and snow athletes.

Slovak alpine skiing star Petra Flova is one of them.

She once said excitedly when the countdown to the first anniversary of the Beijing Winter Olympics: "This is a moment that ignites hope."

  Flova said that the Beijing Winter Olympics is expected to be a sign of an important step in the recovery of the world. "There is nothing more proud of me than walking into the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The stage of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be ready to witness the greatest ice and snow athletes. , And I will try my best to be one of them."

Shougang Ski Jump

  Not only athletes, but experts from international organizations also look forward to the arrival of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Robert Morris, the FIS Grand Jump Event Manager, and Sandra Spitz, the FIS Event Manager, came to the Shougang Ski Jump recently to inspect the venue.

  The two foreign experts spoke highly of the ski jumping venue facilities, epidemic prevention and control measures, and full-service guarantee work. "This venue like a princess crystal shoe in a fairy tale will definitely bring us a visual feast of ice and snow."

  Since Beijing's successful bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, the International Olympic Committee has repeatedly praised China's preparations.

The President of the International Olympic Committee Bach once said that the 2022 Winter Olympics are "delivered to people who are assured." After the Tokyo Olympics, he once again extended an invitation to the world.

Data map: Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  Bach said that the International Olympic Committee and China have good cooperation, and the two sides are full of confidence in hosting a safe and secure Olympic Games again.

"The Beijing Winter Olympics will be an important moment to bring the world together in the Olympic spirit of peace and unity."

  After the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the Tokyo Olympics ended one after another, the relay baton that passed the Olympic spirit was passed to China.

The four-year "Asian Journey" of the Olympic Movement is about to usher in its final climax. The new Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also expressed that Japan is looking forward to the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Kuribayev, chairman of the Kazakhstan Olympic Committee, is eagerly looking forward to the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics will write a new chapter in modern Olympic history."

On July 19, citizens passed the countdown board for the Beijing Winter Olympics set in Wangfujing Pedestrian Street, Beijing.

On that day, there are still 200 days before the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  Under the epidemic, the physical distance between the audience and the stadium has been increased. However, through the TV broadcast lens, the audience can still have an immersive experience even if they are thousands of kilometers apart.

For the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, the TV broadcast team and the audience are also full of expectations.

  It has been 13 years since the unforgettable Beijing Olympics.

After more than a hundred days, the Olympic movement will return to China.

Gary Zengker, chairman of the NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation) Olympic Program, can't wait to experience the unique feeling of hosting the Olympic Games in Beijing again.

  "I had a fascinating experience in Beijing in 2008. The competition in the Olympics is very fierce. Phelps won eight gold medals and Bolt became a superstar. Therefore, we look forward to bringing the stars and stars who will appear at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Bring the story to the audience."

  Today, there are only more than 100 days left before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In accordance with the requirements of "simple, safe, and exciting", the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics have continued to enter the final sprint.

In February next year, the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will kick off at the Bird's Nest, will also inevitably use an unforgettable ice and snow event to respond to the ardent expectations of the international community.


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