Roberts was forced to break Wednesday's league match at home against H65 Höör after stepping on the warm-up.

- My feet are a little loose.

There should probably be no danger, said the Sävehof player afterwards.

When SVT Sport talks to the left-winger on Thursday morning, she is still in bed, but comes with a reassuring message.

- It's probably calm, I think, I've sprained it a lot of times before.

It will not be so swollen but it will be a bit stiff and hard, it will be like bone to bone in the foot.

But there is no danger I think.

It has not gotten worse during the night?

- No.

Sävehof meets Russian CSKA Moscow away in the CL on Sunday.

Roberts does not think there will be any danger before the match.

- No, there is tape.

You do not sound very worried?

- No.

I have not tested it yet, but as I said, I have sprained it many times before.

It usually does not last that long.

Sävehof is second to last in its CL group after two losses in three matches so far.

CLIP: Jamina Roberts injured when Sävehof won (13 Oct 2021)

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Jamina Roberts injured when Sävehof won Photo: Bildbyrån / CMore

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