The figure skating tournament, which doubles as the test tournament for the Beijing Olympics, opened in Beijing on the 14th, and Yuma Kagiyama took the lead in the short program of the first half of the men's singles.

The Asian Open Trophy, an international figure skating tournament that doubles as a test tournament for the Beijing Olympics, opened in Beijing, China on the 14th, and on the first day, a short program for the first half of men's and women's singles was held.

Among them, in the men's single, Kagiyama, who was second in the world championship last season, participated, and after succeeding in the opening quadruple salchow, he decided to make a continuous jump from the following quadruple toe loop, and the performance was 97.80 with almost no mistakes. I took the lead in scoring.

Shun Sato finished second with 90.77.

In the women's single, Kaori Sakamoto, who is aiming to participate in the Olympic Games for the second consecutive tournament, decided three jumps including three consecutive jumps, and also won the highest rated level four in spins and steps and took the lead with a score of 76.70. I did.

Mai Mihara finished second with 67.83.

It will be held on the 15th free day in the second half.

Men's SP 1st place Yuma Kagiyama's score details

[Score] 97.80 

<Technical points> 54.14

4-turn Salchow: 11.64

4-turn toe loop + 2-turn toe loop: 13.02

Foot change camel spin (level 4): 4.27

Triple axel: 11.47

Flying sit spin (level 4): 3.80

step sequence (level 4) ): 5.33

Foot change combination spin (level 4): 4.61

<Performance composition points> 43.66

Skating technique: 8.79

Performance connection: 8.54

Performance expression: 8.71

Choreography: 8.83

Music interpretation: 8.79

Men's SP 2nd place Shun Sato's score details

[Score] 90.77

<Technical points> 50.21

4-turn Lutz (crossing violation): 8.13

4-turn toe loop + 3-turn toe loop: 16.08

Foot change sit spin (level 4): 3.70

Step sequence (level 3): 4.18

Triple axel: 10.53

Flying camel Spin (level 3): 3.27

Foot change combination Spin (level 4): 4.32

<Performance composition points> 40.56

Skating technique: 8.21

Performance connection: 7.88

Performance expression: 8.13

Choreography: 8.21

Music interpretation: 8.13

Women's SP 1st place Kaori Sakamoto's score details

[Score] 76.70

<Technical points> 41.97

Double Axel: 4.73

3 rotation Lutz: 7.67

Foot change combination spin (level 4): 4.55

3 rotation flip + 3 rotation toe loop: 12.13

Flying camel spin (level 4): 4.00

Step sequence (level 4) ): 5.33

Layback Spin (Level 4): 3.56

<Performance points> 34.73

Skating technique: 8.75

Performance connection: 8.58

Performance expression: 8.63

Choreography: 8.79

Music interpretation: 8.67

Women's SP 2nd place Mai Mihara's score details

[Score] 67.83

<Technical points> 36.06

Double Axel: 4.18

3-turn Lutz: 6.10

Flying sit spin (level 4): 3.60

3-turn flip (unclear crossing) + 3-turn toe loop: 10.27

Foot change combination spin (level 4): 4.20

Step sequence (level 3): 4.29

Layback spin (level 4): 3.42

<Performance composition points> 31.77

Skating technique: 8.04

Performance connection: 7.75

Performance expression: 7.92

Choreography: 7.96

Music interpretation: 8.04

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