Next year, the Organizing Committee of the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics announced to the media the status of the new coronavirus infection control measures being taken at the venue of the test competition, and appealed that it was fully prepared.

The test tournament for the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics is scheduled to be held 10 times within the year using the same competition facilities as the actual one, and Yuma Kagiyama from Japan will also participate in the international figure skating tournament held in Beijing this week. And Kaori Sakamoto are participating.

At the test tournament, countermeasures against infection with the new coronavirus were taken according to the actual production, and the Organizing Committee disclosed the situation to the media on the 14th.

Among them, under the so-called "bubble method" that was also held at the Tokyo tournament, staff members in areas where contact with the outside was cut off with the players appeared online.

The staff introduced the internal facilities and explained that the information of the staff's PCR test performed every day during the competition is managed using the QR code.

The person in charge of the venue said, "I want to show my ability to hold international competitions and my determination for the Olympic Games," and appealed that he was fully prepared for the actual performance.

The Organizing Committee will publish a "playbook" later this month that summarizes specific rules for infection control.

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