At the international badminton tournament in Denmark, the men's team match Thomas Cup, Japan defeated Malaysia in the third round of the first league and decided to advance to the quarterfinals.

The international men's and women's team competitions in badminton, the Thomas Cup for Men and the Uber Cup for Women, are held every two years at the same venue at the same time.

For both men and women, the team that wins the first three games in a five-game system consisting of three singles games and two doubles games wins.

In the first league, where 16 teams are divided into 4 teams, the men's Japan defeated Canada in the first match, and the second match was not held because England declined the tournament, and they played against Malaysia in the third match on the 14th.

In Japan, Kento Momota, the world's No. 1 ace in the first singles, played against the world's No. 8 player and was robbed of the first game, but after that he took the second and third games in a row. I won the competition.

Japan beat Malaysia with 4 wins and 1 loss, with the pair of Takuro Hoki and Yugo Kobayashi, who ranked 16th in the world ranking in the subsequent doubles, won the 8th place pair who won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. I broke it.

Japan has decided to advance to the quarterfinals.

The quarterfinals will take place on the 15th.

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